My Incredible Edible Salad :D

Hello Loves,

Sorry for unusual post, well, at least for me. I know it seems like I’m getting a bit lazy, but I’ve actually been extremely busy lately. Nevertheless, I think it was about time I show my lovely followers other ways to main a healthy and glowing complexion, besides slathering tons of skin care products on one’s self. I’m talking about what goes inside your body… food ;)

My previous post featured a lovely fruit bowl, and yes, it was quite delicious. So I thought this post should feature a salad that would make every other salad out there jealous… that’s right, I said it :D


Mini San Marzano (tomatoes)


Organic Mushrooms

Red Onion

Mix of Baby Lettuces

Extra Virgin Olive Oil / First Cold Press


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6 thoughts on “My Incredible Edible Salad :D

  1. mmmmmmmm. That looks yummy! I miss you! (but happy I am not seeing you with that onion breath from that salad :)

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