Eminence Organics Stone Crop Serum (Organic Skin Care)…

Like I really needed another serum, but here it is. And yes, I’m glad I got it. Now, it’s not exactly the most hydrating serum I’ve ever used, but I don’t think serums are supposed to be – right? If I’m not mistaken, they’re usually for specific skin care needs, rather than for moisturizing purposes.

Anyway, it may not be ideal for moisturizing, but it is ideal for brightening and evening-out the complexion… and that is why I’m glad I got it. I have been using this product for just a little over two weeks now and already notice a difference in the overall appearance of my skin tone, nothing major – yet, but enough for me to consider making a second purchase.

The directions suggest to apply a thin layer over the entire face, or apply to affected areas 1-3 times per day. However, I tend to only use it at night (before bedtime) due to it leaving me somewhat sticky and shiny. So it’s definitely not a product I would use during the day, but it works just fine as a night treatment. If I feel that I need a bit more hydration than this serum is able to provide, I slather a squirt of Jojoba oil on my face – and presto!

So if you happened to be in the market for a serum with effective brightening properties, I would highly recommend this one. The cost for this lovely gem is around $40 for a 1 fl. oz. / 30 mL container. Note, you only need one drop per use to cover the entire face and neck, so this bad boy should last for quite some time. And, it contains nothing but all-natural/organic ingredients. Just an FYI: don’t expect this to be a quick fix product, like with any natural/organic skin care product – it takes time. Also, depending on your skin care needs, it may require more than one bottle to satisfy your needs. Otherwise it’s a wonderful product, and no, I’m not being paid to say this.

If you would like to have your very own Stone Crop Serum, checkout the following websites: midwestskincare.com, amazon.com, dermstore.com, etc. Make sure to keep this product in a dark and dry place; keep container tightly closed.

Not tested on animals.

Enjoy my lovelies! :D

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6 thoughts on “Eminence Organics Stone Crop Serum (Organic Skin Care)…

  1. This gem sounds fabulous! And yes, most serums aren’t made to replace a moisturizer. $40 is reasonable, if you only need to use one drop each time :) My small 10ml bottles of essential oils last me for 2-3 years, and I use em often.

    • Wow!… 2-3 yrs, that’s quite some time. I’m usually pretty bad when it comes to conserving my skin care products, I guess I feel that the more I put on, the better they work… I’m such a dork! I think the longest I’ve ever held on to a product (and used on a regular basis) was about 3 months, as far as skin care products. However, my make-up lasts forever, I conserve those products like there’s no tomorrow :D… probably because they’re so bloody expensive.

      • I totally understand the use more = better result way of thinking. It’s so tempting to use more, but I’ve received so much more benefits from challenging myself to use less. Financially, and skin-wise! :) Yes, makeup lasts longer for me as well. I’ll keep foundations for at least a year, even when I use it pretty much every day. And dorks are pretty great, ps :)

  2. any word on scar reduction with this serum? BTW, some serums are hydrating, but a lot of them are treatments meant to be thin in order to penetrate the skin and have certain effects/results. I think it just depends on the company. In general, serums are lighter than creams and a lot of people with oilier skin types will use serums instead of creams, but as I said, depends on the company. Some serums will seem oily while others are very light and some seem like runny creams while others are very transparent. :-) great post!

    • I don’t think this serum is formulated for scar reduction purposes, but it is supposed to help minimize hyperpigmentation… which I think it does, it evens-out a blotchy complexion quite beautifully. However, the two creams (or better yet, butters) that come to mind when I think of scar reduction are… Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter (unrefined). These two bad boys are extremely moisturizing and very beneficial for dry skin, as well as reducing the appearance of scars; they contain high amounts of vitamins A, F & E. I’ve heard that it could take up to 2-3 months to completely remove a scar – not sure if this information pertains to a new/fresh scar or an existing one, nevertheless, not bad :D

      thanks! ;)

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